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John Bollinger
John Bollinger Three-Article Collection by John Bollinger
Price: $10.40

Detailed Description

John Bollinger is one of the best-known analysts, commentators, and advisors in the trading industry. He is a sought-after media guest and public speaker for CNN and other financial news outlets.

His signature tool--Bollinger Bands--is incorporated in virtually every trading and analysis software platform in existence. Numerous Active Trader articles--by various authors--have either referenced Bollinger Bands or used them as an integral part of a trading approach or system.

This collection of three articles from 2001, 2002 and 2003 goes to the source--Bollinger himself, through two interviews plus one article he wrote himself. In the interviews, Bollinger discusses (among other topics) his career, technical analysis, systematic vs. discretionary trading, the transition of stocks out of the major bull market, and how to use Bollinger Bands. In the third article he writes expansively on a wide range of volume indicators, including on-balance volume, accumulation-distribution, money flow, and intraday intensity.

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ARTICLE 1 (interview): “John Bollinger: Focus on the markets” (January-February 2001 issue)
John Bollinger talks about developing Bollinger Bands and what his career has taught him about markets and traders.

ARTICLE 2 (interview): “Relatively speaking: John Bollinger” (April 2003 issue)
When Active Trader last spoke with analyst and money manager John Bollinger in late 2000, there was still lively debate in the financial community as to whether the sell-off the market had suffered that year was simply a nasty correction or an actual bear market. In January 2003, Bollinger spoke with us about market cycles and what they portend for the future of U.S. stocks.

ARTICLE 3: “Volume indicators revisited” by John Bollinger (March 2002 issue)
Because volume is independent of price, volume-derived indicators can give traders a fresh perspective on market action. Analyst John Bollinger reviews the origins of volume indicators and explains how traders can benefit from understanding these tools.
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