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Various Contributors
Tom DeMark Collection, Vol. 2 by Various Contributors
Price: $15.54

Detailed Description

This collection contains five articles by and about noted market timer Tom DeMark published between 2005 and 2007 in Active Trader, Currency Trader, and Futures & Options Trader magazines.

You can purchase this article collection for 30% off. The price listed is the discounted price.

ARTICLE 1: "Trader Interview: Tom DeMark" by Mark Etzkorn (Futures & Options Trader, April 2007)
In this first portion of a two-part interview, DeMark discusses the nature of his work and his focus on price exhaustion.

ARTICLE 2: "Tom DeMark: Market Immersion" by Mark Etzkorn (Active Trader, July 2007)
In the second installment of the interview that began in the April issue of Futures & Options Trader magazine, DeMark discusses specific applications of some of his tools and how he developed them — and makes some interesting claims about Fibonacci numbers.

ARTICLE 3: "Countertrend forex trading with TD Sequential," by Tom DeMark and Rocke DeMark (Currency Trader, January 2005)
TD Sequential is designed to identify trend-exhaustion points and keep you one step ahead of the trend-following crowd. This article illustrates the technique in the currency market.
Article also available in: "Currency Strategies, Vol. 1" collection

ARTICLE 4: "Price + indicator: Using the Range Expansion Index" by Currency Trader Staff (Currency Trader, July 2006)
Market analyst and author Tom DeMark has developed many price pattern setups and technical studies, including several oscillators designed to reduce the negative attributes found in the more popular of these tools. One such oscillator is the TD Range Expansion Index (TD REI), which DeMark detailed in three of his books. The TD REI uses some unique calculations and confirming criteria to identify overbought and oversold points. When combined with price-pattern signals, it can be used to generate signals in the direction of the prevailing trend.

ARTICLE 5: "Drawing objective trendlines: TD Lines" by Currency Trader Staff (Currency Trader, September 2006)
Proper trendline application and analysis require consistent, objective rules. The TD-Line technique was developed by Tom DeMark and is detailed in his books The New Science of Technical Analysis (John Wiley & Sons, 1994) and DeMark on Day Trading Options (McGraw-Hill, 1999). The complete methodology includes objective rules for plotting these trendlines, rules for validating them, and rules to determine whether to trade or fade a trendline break.
Purchased separately, these articles would cost $22.20. You can buy all five as a single PDF for $15.54 — that’s 30% off.
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